Here's the info on our lab op IRC.

We have setup an IRC server for use by our PSU CAC Lab Attendant friends and coworkers and other sundry associates.

Well, a few reasons. Firstly, to provide a forum where we can socialize again, catch up with each other, reminisce, what have you. Secondly, and pretend that this makes it justifiable, to pool our collective skills and experience to help each other solve problems and share the knowledge. And thirdly, well, why not?

As far as who is welcome to use this IRC service, the primary requirement for inclusion is that you worked for Penn State's CAC as a Computer Lab Attendant, Rover, Team Leader, Trainer, or as a Consultant. Exceptions can and have been made for those individuals who were close to this group of folks, and this determination is made in an occassionally democratic fashion.

We don't really have rules of conduct here. Do try to act in a reasonably mature fashion. Keep it civil, or at least light-hearted. I really don't want to have to play the part of a baby sitter. If anyone has any serious arguments with other channel members, make a new channel, say #argument for example, and any interested parties can go there to participate, I don't want it on the main channel. I will support your right to state your opinion, but there is no right to be a nuisance.

Also, please don't abuse the servers. They are used for other purposes at present. That's how I am getting the free colocations. Traffic may be logged at any time. At some point I will get a dedicated machine for this.

Important: Note that if you work someplace the monitors net usage, you may want to consider popping in only during breaks, lunch, or just before or after work. Use your best judgement. At any rate, do let me know you are out there. At least we'll know how to reach you.

Grab an IRC client, point it at the server, sign on, and join the #msgops2 channel. Note that the # character is significant. As far as nicknames go, in the beginning, try to use your old VM userid. That's how we knew you then, so at least reintroduce yourself that way.

The IRC server is: Port: 6667

You can stay logged in 24x7 if you'd like, and you can simply lurk too. I (WES103) am usually on 8-5 EST, M-F. I log in and leave it in the background all day. Note that I have a day job, so I may not answer immediately, as I may be away from my desk or otherwise working.

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Last updated 11 July 2002.